A Game of Fighting Fear

When they told you that you were a Princess, you felt your childhood dream had come true.

Sometimes you want to shake your childhood self, to make her see how much hard work it is to be a Princess.

They showed you how you channel your hope into magic.

You never imagined what magic really was like, how your own doubts could drain your powers or turn them against you.

They said you were going to help fix the world.

Some days, you can't even fix your own life.

When you told them how you felt, they said it was ok to take a break.

But it's not okay, because you could never forgive yourself if you let everyone down.

Princess: The Hopeful is a fan made roleplaying game for Chronicles of Darkness, formerly called New World of Darkness. Players take on the role of magical girls (or boys-the light is open to all) who one day found themselves granted great magical power and the responsibility to fix all that is wrong with the world. If they can survive the trauma of real battle, learn that not every problem can be solved with a speech about friendship, and endure their enormous workload, then just maybe they can make a difference.

Princesses can be very passionate! There are two versions of Princess, Vocation and Dream. Each is supported by a different lead, with community-driven development. Which one is more suitable for your game may differ on what kind of game you're looking for as they differ in concepts. If you are not sure which to pick, Vocation is recommended to learn for darker campaigns, Dreams for more light-hearted campaigns.

Only the base Chronicles of Darkness book is requried, though Hurt Locker and Second Sight: Third Eye is now recommended companions.

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Princess: The Hopeful Editions


Emphasis on what it means to be a magical girl in Chronicles of Darkness, friendly to crossover play.


Emphasis on the girl in magical girl and more mechanically simple. Stand alone, not as friendly to crossover play.


Ranging from official to unofficial, these range from unique courts to unique hunter factions.

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